Our Story

We are sisters who, like many others during COVID-19, had the opportunity to re-think our career paths and make a shift to e-commerce. Coming from the hard hit industries of travel and hospitality, we were in a great position to create something new and fulfilling that has led us here to Sisadore. 

Spending a lot more time in our homes with our kids over the past 2 years, we became aware of how dependent our lives had become on plastic consumer products and packaging that was heading straight for the landfill, sometimes after only a single use.  In the kitchen and bathroom in particular, we saw a need to have plastic-free options that could replace the worst culprits in creating waste in our homes.  

With the Canadian Government set to ban many single-use plastics over the next few years, and other countries having already implemented their own bans, we are here to provide beautiful and economical earth-friendly alternatives that we are proud to have in our own homes and to share with you as well.  We also have a variety of beautiful items that will create coziness and comfort in any home.

Leading by example in this way is how we are teaching our kids to care for and consider the earth with every purchase.  

Thanks for joining us!

Jennifer and Andrea