Easy swaps to make for an eco friendly bathroom




I don't know about you, but having to spend a lot of time at home during the pandemic has given me the time and motivation I needed to get my home organized. As good a place as any, I started with my linen closet. This small space just outside of my bathroom might as well be my hallway junk drawer. I have all kinds of forgotten items in there. There's the normal towels and sheets but I also store my hair products, body washes, medications, razors, paper towels, tissues and anything else you can think of that won't fit under the sink. It was so cluttered it was hard to even know what was in there! As I was pulling everything out I realized how much plastic was used to package all of this up. Ironically, I had been buying products which claimed to be environmentally friendly. It's true that maybe the contents were biodegradable, or free of harsh chemicals or micro-plastics, however they were all wrapped up in single-use plastic containers. How does that make any sense? Next time you go to the pharmacy take a look down the aisles. What do you notice? Probably 90% of the shelves are filled with products packaged in plastic. It is kind of scary...where does the waste end up? Landfills and oceans most likely as most of this doesn't make it to the recycle bin in most homes.

Realizing it was time for change my sister and I collaborated and Sisadore was created.  We decided that we needed to switch to products that were truly eco-friendly. Contents and packaging. Plastic free, toxin free, sustainable, biodegradable, compostable, or zero-waste. Any or all will make a difference, you just have to start somewhere!

Here are some basic swaps that are pretty easy to make:

Shampoo/ Conditioner in plastic bottles: Shampoo and Conditioner bar set

Body wash: 3 in 1 Soap bar

Plastic Toothbrush: Refillable Bamboo toothbrush

Disposable Plastic/Cotton buds: Reusable Silicone 'cotton' buds 

Deodorant: Zero waste deodorant

Plastic puff: Loofah Shower Pad 

Disposable Cotton Balls or Rounds: Reusable Cotton Rounds

We wanted to make it easy for other households to switch over as well. Not only will you have much more room in your cupboards but you can feel great about aiding in the effort to reduce waste.

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Keep an eye out for our eco friendly kitchen swaps!! 



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